van Velde, Bram

VAN VELDE, BRAM (1892-1981)
BVV_Grenoble1981Bram van Velde was born in 1892 in Zoeterwoude, (near Leyden Netherlands). 1907 he is an apprentice in a firm of interior decoration in the Hague. He moved to Worpswede where there is a colony of expressionist artists. He left Worpswede in 1924 to settle in Paris. His career took off, and in February 1927 he went to Bremen to present his works. He is admitted, as well as his brother Geer to the Salon des indépendants in Paris. In 1958, Franz Meyer organized his first exhibition in a Museum at the Kunsthalle in Bern. He travelled regularly between Paris and Geneva and finally settled in Switzerland in 1967. France appointed him Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres in 1964, Holland awarded him the order of Orange-Nassau in 1969.
He died on December 28, 1981.