Daudelin Éric

Éric Daudelin was born in 1948. After studies in architecture, he devoted himself to photography and extended the scope of his research to painting and sculpture. From his studies in architecture, he retains the beauty of the relationship between the form and function. From his experience as a photographer; a way to see the great into the small and the importance the light. We recognize in his research his fascination for the organization and the systems of nature.

Attracted above all by the material and natural phenomena, it is by instinct that he conducts hs work, seeking with great economy of means to influence the way in which he looks at things. For him art is everywhere. His eye that sees everything, extract its preferences and manipulates the detail in a very subtle ways. For him, the back of a ceramic tile inspires as much as its front; you need to know how to see.

He took advantage of several residences abroad and exposes his work both in Canada and Europe.

He is represented in Montreal by the Galerie Bernard and the Galerie Éric Devlin, and in Ottawa by the Galerie Jean-Claude Bergeron.